When Claudette was about 8 years old she drew a picture, looked down and thought to herself that one day this is all I want to be doing. She knew in her heart that being an artist was always the goal. She has lived and honed her artistic practice in different cities across Canada. She has taken all she has learned and returned to her home Regina, Saskatchewan where she and her husband Barry raised their two children and they own and operate small local businesses - Source Office Furniture - in addition to her art practice.
Claudette works primarily with acrylic paints to achieve bold colour and instant impact. Her favourite painting tool is the palette knife, she has found it is a great tool for depicting the level of expression she seeks in her work so that she can reach the viewer with dramatic colour and texture. 
Claudette's knife strokes capture the essence of the abstract images allowing the viewer to explore their own imagination to become a part of the painting. Claudette’s strong sense of colour is evident in all of her art and especially in modern abstract expressionist paintings.
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Colour is critical...the ordinary can become extraordinary allowing the viewer to see into the painting new details every time."

- Claudette Wiebe

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